The first Atari 2600 VCS emulator for iOS, based on Stella 3.7.3. Requires iOS 3.1+ and natively supports iPad and iPhone 5 displays. Tested running 60fps on the iPhone 4/4S, and skips about 1 frame on the iPod Touch 2G.

Features include:
* Save state support, auto-save and ten manual slots for save states.
* Supports ROMs in .a26 and .bin formats, optionally in ZIP files
* Configurable on-screen multi-touch controls
* iCade, Wiimote + Classic Controller, Wii U Pro Controller, PS3 Controller, iControlPad, and Zeemote support (view setup info)
* Portrait/Landscape auto-orientation support

Transfer games to your device using SSH or other file transfer method (The recommended location is any directory under /var/mobile/Documents or /var/mobile/Media). Make sure the 'mobile' user has write access to the directory for save functionality. If possible use a program that mounts your device over USB like iExplorer (Windows & OSX), or ifuse (Linux) to speed up transfers.

Visit the homepage (below) at for more info, ports for other platforms, and my other apps.

This app comes with no games included. Do not contact the author for ROM images. This is an emulator, and requires ROM images. No ROMs are included.

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    Robert Broglia