So you want to use the jailbreaks that take advantage of Ian Beer's amazing empty-list exploit?

You may have noticed that the reliability is not so great with that exploit. This is probably why you're on this page.

We would first like to say thank you to the ORIGINAL creator of this method to improve the reliability. You can find their Reddit post here.

Improving Reliability

Step 1: Kill ALL APPS. To do this, activate multi-tasking and close all the apps from there.

Step 2: Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via Control Center. Just disable it from the Control Center, do not turn them completely off via Settings.

Step 3: Respring using the widgets page bug or this text shortcut. Tutorial for widgets page method here (skip to time index 7:29).

Step 4: Immediately upon reaching the home screen again, swipe to your second page of apps.

Step 5: Wait 30 seconds

Step 6: Launch the app using empty-list and you're done!